The governing board members of Somerset Academy, Inc. believe that the future of education lies in partnerships between communities, parents, and educators and their commitment to prepare lifelong learners. Therefore Somerset Academy, Inc. upholds an educational culture where:
  • academic excellence is respected and pursued,
  • teaching and learning is innovative,
  • and caring for others is intrinsic.
The “best practices” that have been established at Somerset Academy are derived from more than 25 years of educational success due to experienced board members, committed parents and students, and innovative educators. All Somerset programs implement the “neighborhood” school paradigm in their management structures to consistently maintain the feeling of a small school environment. Students can excel, parents and communities are involved in the process, and everyone is accountable for results.

The Somerset Academy family of charter schools promotes this culture through:
  • a common philosophy of high expectations for all,
  • a commitment to educational excellence,
  • a unique student code of excellence and discipline,
  • an expectation of parental involvement,
  • and a collaborative infrastructure.
Although each school is responsible in determining the best strategies to improve student performance, all stakeholders collaborate in establishing uniform guidelines to meet set expectations.
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